In the near future...

...where everything runs on batteries.

Deep inside a nuclear bunker, you are tasked with keeping the last battery in the world from running out of energy. Are you up to the challenge?

The world depends on you!

Important Instructions:

  1. Collect all the lightning bolts.
  2. ???
Year 00: Everyone is excited to have you as the keeper of the last battery.
Year 01: The economy is up.
Year 02: People are happy.
Year 03: NPM now hosts 1016 packages.
Year 04: Someone found the lost APK of Flappy Bird.
Year 05: The world needs more energy.
Year 06: JavaScript is dead, NodeBrainfuck is all the rage.
Year 07: Katy Perry wins presidential election without popular vote.
Year 08: Everyone is happy.
Year 09: Millions dead after chain mail curse from 2006 proves to be true.
Year 10: People thank you for keeping the lights on for 10 years.
Year 11: Someone rediscovered Planking.
Year 12: The economy is down, Flappy Bird is to blame.
Year 13: 'Hot n Cold' hits 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 plays on MyTube.
Year 14: Scientists say Flappy Bird causes arthritis. Flappy Bird outlawed.
Year 15: People are mad.
Year 16: Scientists say Planking causes cancer. Planking outlawed.
Year 17: Chaos in the streets, the end is near.
Year 18: Buffer overflow causes nuclear holocaust. Everyone else is dead.
Year ??: You are alone... Forever...


You will never escape from the bunker.

Game Over